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Ambient massage

If you are convinced that «Art not only lives in museums»,
then this menu is right for you.


Dreemcatch Melody

Nice relaxing Indian flute music,
ideal for lack of sleep.

(Relaxing Massage)

Deep Nature Journey

Quintessence sounds,
ideal to connect with your inner self.

(Relaxing Massage)

Pure Buddha Vibes

Chillout mood for a sunny day,
ideal to free your mind.

(Artistic Massage)

Wild Etnic Secrets

Soft indigenous ritual experience,
ideal to restore energy.

(Artistic Massage)

Private Playlist

Your music, our massage flow.

home massage tulum

Our massages include a touch of aromatherapy.

massage options

Add a dimension to the experience!

Warm oil with herbal infusion

15 USD

Arnica + nettle for muscle pain / Chamomile + basil for immune system

Exfoliant oil made of organic coffee

15 USD

Anti-cellulite body treatment

Extra zen

30 USD

(30 minutes additional massage)

finishing touch

After a massage, your body is in the best sensorial openning to receive an emotional hug.

We offer you a 10 minutes relaxation after the treatment, giving you time to integrate the session benefits.

Reiki with crystals

10 USD

Chakras-balancing for energy relief

Sound healing

10 USD

Purification with incense, ethnic drum and tibetan bowls

We do not make «happy ends»,
but our best to make you happy.

facial treatment

50 USD
nuskin tulum facial treatment

Nu Skin deep cleansing and rejuvenating technologies.

PRICING - 1h massage


(One masseuse, one by one service)

1 person = 75 USD

2 person = 70 USD/pers.

3 person = 65 USD/pers.

4 person = 60 USD/pers.


Facial + 50 USD/pers.


(Two massage therapists)

Couple massage = 150 USD

Massage + Facial = 250 USD

4 hands massage

1 person = 150 USD

2 person = 140 USD/pers.

3 person = 130 USD/pers.

4 person = 120 USD/pers.

Please contact us for your custom requirements.

Deposit of 25 USD at booking

(for transportation and administration fees)

No refundable if you cancel the appointment.

satisfaction guarantee

Most people have said «one of the best massage in my life», but you’re not meant to trust them.

If you think the service received doesn’t worth the cost, you don’t have to pay the full price.

— All additional tips will be given to charity projects. —


Lisa is a Kind, professional, calm masseuse, who offers a high quality service, puntual, clean,
relaxing and uses organic natural products. I highly recommend her.

I usually like very strong massage style but I was nicely surprised by Lisa's therapy. Her energy is so relaxing, and uses accurate pressure, then I didn't say nothing and just enjoyed the experience. I almost fell asleep.

Lisa's massage was perfect. I cannot take deep tissue, hard aggressive, because of my fibromyalgia.
So for me, it was a good match.